Welcome to the STUDIO
Welcome to the STUDIO

Eaten healthy not exactly means borring.

Food art 
Nutrition is the science that interprets the interaction of nutrients and other substances in food in relation to maintenance, growth, reproduction, health and disease of an organism. It includes food intake, absorption, assimilation, catabolism, metabolism and excretion.

It is absolutely true that, what we eat when and how much, creates our health, age and strange. Food can cure and can kill slowly depend on what we eat and in what style.

The topic is most complicated if we remember that every piece of food can be different and ingredients various, the quality of food means a lot, the background and agriculture.

Obviously even over-weighted people can be non stop hungry or suffer from anemia.

Lack of vitamins, minerals, iodine, selenium or just water could cause fatal problems.

The effect could be chronically and heavy damage of internal body organs and immunological system failure then serious sickness and weakness in return.

So try to get to the source, buy and eat wise, with full control over what your body needs.

You are very welcome to start the incredible adventure and improve your health instantly.

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Laptop Life Style...Balanced Good Life

You live a life on your own condition, whenever you want, wherever you want, you choose

Modern Rich Live

My definition: people are really rich if they earn more money that they can spend and still they do not need to work. Passive income is of our interest.

Organic Feeding not Filling

You can do amazing things in your life if your body is in a good condition, that is why you ought to make sure you deliver all nutricians, vitamins, minerals to feed yourself properly. Once you do it, you are not hungry and you can concentrate on the business. If you need more time and money, choose laptop style.

Fitness and Relax Importance

This is a natural need. Be active and relax well. All your organs need exercises, relax and enough sleep to be good and regenerate well. Laptop style of work is designed to allow for more free time and flexibility.

Getting to the New Destination means: You can not stay in a place you are at the moment. First thing first. Start right NOW.

Most people are talkers or doers. My idea is the third option. Be free to talk while you doing your best. Whatever you do move to the next level, do not wait for the miracle to happen itself, catch it.

Remember, the action which brought you to the place you are now, wont bring you to the destination, you want to be at. If you want to change your life, you need change a way you go...

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