Welcome to my Great Adventure

 I work with programming and web sites creating.  I want to show you my ability and the coding knowledge in a practice. See my www.coding.tvrex.co.uk for up to date progress.

Actually I have done Courses in HTML, PHP, Java Script, CSS, SQL, Swift and mobile applications. I earned certificates for the courses above,

I intend to apply what I learned in the real projects to be seen here.

As the limit is a sky I mix the knowledge with a good taste of creation.


Additionally I work as an affiliate presenting offers to my viewers.

I have created this website to be my portfolio in securing the future position as well as atracting any good project I would offer to manage as a freelancer. It took me almost 3 years before, working occasionally with websites creation, affiliate programs, digital marketing etc, finally, to know where is my passion and what I love to do using my computer. 


coding.tvrex.co.uk is also my notes script helping quickly with easy access to the codes used in different languages.

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Happy Life

Easy to say? Difficult to achieve?


Think Twice !!!

Future Projects

This is the long lasting journey...Coding is actually a passionate life style. Once I started I would never stop.

About Me

Oh, thank you for reading.

I am just here for you.

I run few websites dedicated to share my experience with you.

Hire Me

Being very active and busy, I am always looking for the opportunity to learn more and work efficiently in a team or just alone.