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Welcome to the  Great Adventure

 I work with programming and web sites creating and mastering video production.

I use my ability and the coding knowledge in a practice. 

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My name is Max, I am born in east country british citizen, and I live in UK.

I work for the medical supply company and I do part time job for the gym. 

I used to be highly skilled building engeneer with master degree completed.

I used to be a manager in different business places.

Aluminium doors and windows production, powder coating, transport and logistics are only examples.

Electronic, Automation, Locksmiths, running Warehouse, Taxi service, I tried them all.

Actually I have done Courses in HTML, PHP, Java Script, CSS, SQL, Swift and mobile applications. I earned certificates for the courses above,

Then I switched to online marketing, educational courses as well as affiliate marketing. As the limit is a sky I try to mix the knowledge with a good taste of creation. I love to be independent and follow the passion. Business is business so I am all yours for a reason...


I work as an affiliate with Internet Business School in UK

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this my coding website - my adventure - virtual hobby and passion there is no internet activity without coding - the knowledge is like a promised land

,I have started the website to be my portfolio in securing the future jobs as well as atracting any good project I would offer to manage as a freelancer. It took me almost 3 years before, working occasionally with websites creation, affiliate programs, digital marketing etc, finally, to know where is my passion and what I love to do using my computer. Actually, the greatest satisfaction brings me the VIDEO creating. This is our destination.

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This would be the long lasting journey...Marketing is actually a passionate life style. Once you start you would never stop.

I believe you are like me and others. Why would you not start from free webinars then? 


Digital Marketing

We live in  in the age of fantastic opportunities. People sell, people buy every day online. We just need to be between them to help buyers find the best deal and earn comission.

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